Bottling Services

Spirit Bottling

We specialise in spirit bottling from 5cl to 1.5litre, in a range of containers from glass and pet bottles, ceramic flagons, pouches and bag in box.  We can bottle a variety of batch sizes from 500 litres upwards.

We have 14 production lines which allows us to bottle your product into a range of sizes and formats.  We can apply the following closures ROPP, GPI Cap, Cork/Bar Top cork, Tin and PVC Capsules, Wax Seal.

We can apply the following self-adhesive labels including front, back neck, top strap, wrap-around or anything bespoke for your brand

Shimmer products

Get on trend with glittery shimmery liquids, we have a range of glitter’s to use to give your brand an exciting look

5cl’s – Miniatures

A 5cl bottle is a great way of showcasing your brand, you can provide samples to your potential customers and can use them for gift packs.  We have a range of bottle shapes in both pet and glass.

Pouch Filling

We have 2 pouch filling machines, an automatic machine which will fill 250ml pouches ideal for the freezer and a semi-automatic  machine which we can fill 1ltr upwards

Bag in Box Filling

We can fill Bag In Box products which include Spirits, Wine, Perry (uncarbonated) and Cocktails.  Sizes from 1.5 ltr to 20 ltr

Ceramic flagon filling

We have a production line which can fill by volume which allows H&A to bottle ceramic flagons for something different for your brand or a brand extension.

Bulk Filling

We can also fill 5ltr, 10ltr, 20ltr and 1000 litre containers.

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